Conditions of residency

Successful fellows who signed Stipendist Agreements for five or ten months are provided with furnished office space and flats.

The provision of a living allowance (in the range of up to € 2000/month for a junior fellow and up to € 3000/month for a senior fellow – depending on the individual financial situation), accommodation, and coverage of travel expenses (one round trip) will be provided.


Eventual residencies shall not be construed as establishing any relationship of subordination or employment ties between fellows and the PIASt.

The fellows remain the owners of results of their research. However, mentioning of the PIASt Fellowship Programme is compulsory on any document or publication resulting from the research carried out during the fellowship.

The fellowship programme complies with the European Commission ethical provisions on privacy, data protection, confidentiality and intellectual property rules.

A project may not be submitted to another research institution at the same time.

An application that is not accepted for implementation can be re-submitted only once, but with information what has been corrected in the application that had been rejected.

"Junior" researchers may receive a scholarship in this category only once.

Researchers in the "senior" category may re-submit a new project, not earlier than 5 years after their stay at the PIASt Institute.